Best Practices When Orchestrating Identity Verification Workflows That Balance Security and Friction.

Fall 2022

Identity solutions are essential for organizations who want to remotely onboard and authenticate customers. However, the level of security does not need to be the same for each type of verification, as typically higher levels of security require more work for the end user. For example, logging into a firm’s loyalty program should not require the same level of security as opening an international trading account. Can a single identity solution be flexible enough to solve use cases across a wide range of markets?

Key takeaways:

  • The four levels of security for onboarding and authentication
  • What to look for in a flexible solution
  • How the Incode Omni platform solves identity challenges across industries

About the speaker:

John Bredehoft is a Product Marketing Senior Manager at Incode. He is responsible for Incode's identity verification products and showcasing their benefits to customers in multiple industries served by Incode. He comes to Incode with over 25 years of identity industry experience, encompassing friction ridges (fingerprints and palm prints), faces, irises, DNA, voice, government-validated secure documents (such as driver's licenses), and digital identity applications.

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